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24x7 Services

We offer round the clock medical and surgical attention to our Hernia patients. If there is obstructed or strangulated hernia and pain is severe , you can call us any time to get immediate treatment and surgery.

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International patients

International patients travelling to India for treatment at Herniaclinik are welcome as we treat almost all hernias at our center with international patients.Certain guidelines need to be fulfilled before going for Hernia surgery.

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cashless mediclaim

Cashless Mediclaim patients are welcome as we offer hernia surgery to almost all types of patients with most prominent insurance companies and TPAs. All these insurances are available at our network hospitals.Be sure to carry your docs at time of consultation

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Ours is a dedicated Center for Hernia Surgery in Pune.We do cost effective,Superlative repairs of Hernias in Men and Women,babies..

We are:
A dedicated specialty center for Hernia repairs and general surgery.We do high standard,non-recurring,cost effective hernia surgeries.We advice on various techniques of hernia repair.Our present hernia repair is a small incision,rapidly recovering,almost stitch less Surgery. We do other general surgeries also. Our general surgery is also preceded by superlative efficiency.

Our Philosophy
Here at Herniaclinik, we are devoted to deliver world-class services to our patients.Since last 6 years due to our friendly rapport with the patients we are evolved as the choice of center for the hernia and other patients.It is our sincere duty towards all humans to provide the reliable treatments and surgery to the patients.

Need of Today
Ours is a specifically targeted institution which helps specific patients of hernia and other diseases to get rid of. So we are always offering best techniques of hernia repair that is prevalent at this point of time. Here at Herniaclinik we believe in serving the patients of hernias and other diseases with a strong platform of effective technology that allows us to repair hernias with a success.

This is how an advice from us will look : Clear Transparent Advice| Unbiased Opinion on Hernia | Advice Based on Sincerity | Worldwide opinions of Surgeons | Latest technology| Modern school of thought | Evidence Based | Efficient| Superlative Efficacy| Commitment | Here at Herniaclinik , we assure that our advice on Hernia and other diseases is unbiased. We only speak what all the surgeons worldwide opine. Ours is a time tested advice and will not fall short.

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Center of Advanced Hernia surgery in Pune since last 10 years,

in last 10 years we have made it possible to give latest treatment to all types of hernias.

Recurrence Free repair

We look forward to prevent recurrence in Hernia post surgery.We have designed our surgery in such a way that recurrence rates are less than 1%

Variety of Surgical options

is offered here which is suited to various types of patients.There is everything for every patient according to budget and superlative repairs.

Magnitude of our work

Dr.Sachin Kuber MS is our expert surgeon and has performed 5000 and more surgeries of Hernia in past 10 years.Open , Laparoscopic and many more.

Excellence in Hernia Surgery

At our center of excellence for Hernia repairs we are proud to stand in the firm platform in Hernia Clinik to deliver high-quality , stable, non-recurring , cost effective repairs of Hernia to our patients.
Here at Herniaclinik , we are committed to deliver world-class services to our patients for Hernia and other surgical diseases.

Read MoreDr.Sachin KuberDr.Sachin Kuber MS is our Director and Expert Hernia surgeon since last 10 years.
He has performed more than 5000 Hernia surgeries in past decade.
He performs open and Laparoscopic Hernia surgeries in Pune at various hospitals.He travels to many countries for Hernia surgeries training.
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